The Classic Car Dream


Owning a classic car has been the dream of many and if you are one of the fortunate ones, you may have already seen your classic car dreams come true with the purchase of your very own dream car. When it comes to being the owner of a classic beauty you probably find yourself gazing at the eloquent beauty of design as well as the many features that no longer adorn modern vehicles and knowing that she belongs to you probably makes you feel a great sense of pride. To keep that eloquent beauty alive and well you already know that the proper care and maintenance will go a long way to keeping the beautiful preservation and ensuring that the car stays a true dream car. In order to truly preserve the classic beauty of your dream car, be sure to keep the following in mind as you care for the car over the years.

Clean and Well Maintained

That beautiful classic dream sitting in your garage or driveway is not going to stay clean and shiny on her own. It’s going to take lots of manpower to keep it looking great at all times. You may not drive the car at all and may have it transported when you take it to car shows, but making sure that you take the time wash it when needed and to wax it monthly even if it doesn’t need to be washed will go a long way to keeping the shine for years to come. Be sure to check underneath the car each time it is washed so you can make sure the undercarriage is clean and rust free. If you plan to drive the car, even if it is just once a month to keep the engine going, be sure to choose your mechanic wisely. Unless you plan to do the work on your own and really know how to take care of a classic engine, you need to shop around and find someone that will take care of the engine in the car and treat it with the care that it deserves. Remember that a car is not just something to look at even if it is a dream car. Cars were meant to drive and in order to drive, the engine needs to be well maintained at all times.

Choose the Right Insurance Coverage

When you are looking for the right coverage for your car, be sure to ask others at the local car shows where they go. Not all car insurance companies are the same and when you own a classic, you need an insurance provider that really knows and understands classic and collectible cars. Classic cars are special and they need insurance that will ensure they are covered completely for every possibility pertaining to their age and classic design.

 Shipping Your Classic the Right Way

If you are shipping a car that you drive to and from work or school frequently, you can always rely on open transport and having the car shipped fast. Having your classic car shipped however, will require some dedicated time to choosing a quality auto transport company and having the car shipped with enclosed transport services. Some people try to haul their classics on their own, and if they are hauling them on a flatbed trailer, this can actually cause damage to the car as it may be hit by flying rocks or other road debris that can potentially cause a great deal of unnecessary damage to a classic car. If you own a classic car, you may already know that it is not always easy to get a perfect match for paint or find hard to replace light covers or glass. It can also be very expensive to do so. Hiring Aa reliable, nationwide auto transport company like A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. that specializes in handling classics, exotics and other collectible cars will be able to have your car shipped in a safe and secure enclosed shipping carrier where it will safe from potential damage during the trip.  While there are quite a few options for car shipping, enclosed transport is definitely the way to go when you own a classic car and really want to keep it safe and secure during transport.

Storing Your Classic Car

You may take your classic car to every car show within 100 miles, but when it isn’t garnering attention from classic car fans at the shows, you will want to make sure it is stored in a safe environment at all times. Safe storage means that the car will have no chance of being scratched, scuffed by other cars or touched and possibly damaged by people that want to get a look a little closer than they should. The storage facility, whether it is your own garage or a professional storage yard, should also prevent any weather including not only rain or snow, but also direct sunlight, hail and other weather from coming into direct contact with the car.

Owning a classic car is a dream come true for many and when you have the chance to grab your dreams and make them a reality, be sure that you are taking every step possible to keep the dream alive for many years to come.

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The Classic Car Dream
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